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Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Fire Fighting and after sales support. TPC has years of experience working in the construction industry within the Emirates and building up an impressive portfolio of projects successfully completed for both the public and private sectors.

We are active as a major subcontractor or partner to other reputable construction companies, working on prestigious projects within the Emirates.

Flexible Connectors, Expansion Joints, Flexible Hoses, HVAC VALVES, STEAM ACCESSORIES


HVAC Packages

Flexible Connectors

AYVAZ: Turkey
• High Pressure Rubber Flexible Connector, Threaded and Flanged End Connection.
• Nominal Pressure - 10 Bar (150 psi), Maximum Working Pressure - 575 psi
• Size Range -15 mm-300 mm.

Expansion Joints

Ayvaz: Turkey
• Metallic Bellows Expansion Joints, Threaded and Flanged Connection.
• Material - Stainless Steel.
• Nominal Pressure up to 40 Bar and Temperature (-196 ºC - 600 ºC).
• Size Range - 25 mm-2600 mm.

Flexible Hoses

AYVAZ: Turkey
• Corrugated Metallic Hose and End Connections suitable for FCU And Sprinkler systems


AYVAZ: Turkey


AYVAZ: Turkey
Steam Traps (Thermodynamic & Float Type), Boiler level Regulators, Magnetic Level Gauge, Level Sensing Element and Flow Switch